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The Thatha Ithuba foundation accompanies and supports students of the Township Imizamo Yethu/Hout Bay (South Africa) and enables them to take advantage of opportunities to improve their future, and to pass on their experience to following generations.

Thatha Ithuba does not simply wish to guarantee financial support, but also to be active through the provision of know-how, personal presence and engagement on location.


The young people of the townships should be given the opportunity to recognize, seize and realize their potential in life.

For many years, the non-white population of Africa struggled to gain the chance to pursue a sound future. Today, there are much better opportunities available, if not for all, then for many more than before. The society would like to enable youths and children, and accompany them in recognizing, and then realizing their true and sustainable potential.

To begin with, it was decided that the adolescents of the Township Imizamo Yethu in Hout Bay near Cape Town would be focused on. In this township there has been an existing and successful programme of the Hout Bay Rotary Club, which follows the same goals of Thahta Ithuba. Now the time has come for expansion. Building on previous successes, we guarantee that both funds and resources alike will be efficiently and effectively implemented, and we will further exploit our durable network of existing contacts on location to achieve our aims.

Presently there are roughly 20 Mentors/Students involved in this programme.


In order for Thatha Ithuba to maintain success in the long-term, and to bring real change to the youths in the townships, the programme has been divided into five different areas of activity. The individual measures are thus concerted and coordinated.

«Just go for it! If this can happen to me, imagine, what can happen to you!»

Niphelele, 22


Thatha Ithuba was founded as an association in 2016 by Martin and Gina Hilzinger. Since mid 2019 Thatha Ithuba is a foundation. The following persons are represented on the Board of Trustees:

  • Martin Hilzinger: President
  • Klaus Rütschi: Vice President
  • Livia Koller: Board of Trustees Member
  • Hansueli Bayer: Board of Trustees Member
  • Hansheinrich Kuhn: Board of Trustees Member
  • Christina Kuhn: Board of Trustees Member
  • Gina Hilzinger: CEO


Martin and Gina not only guarantee the financial support, they are also active themselves. As part of the Thatha Ithuba Community, they accompany and supervise the various projects with know-how, personal presence and local commitment.

Zum Interview

«Our dream? We want to empower the TI People, who we are taking care of now, that they are well educated in basic skills (Communication, Leadership, Teambuidling etc.) to give their know-how back to the Youth in the Community!»

Martin Hilzinger

«We want to have face-to-face encounter and be part of the Team. We try to give the People of Thatha Ithuba the chance they need.»

Gina Hilzinger