Tembi's Letter

My name is Sthembile Biyela and I've just matriculated from High school last year,I live in cape town Hout Bay but I'm currently from Durban in the Natal province.I live with my Mom and Dad and my younger brother who is 8 years old.

The support towards my studies has led me to write this letter to you, to thank you for your support I really appreciate it a lot; it has brought a big impact upon my studies as I have just matriculated from high school last year and I didn't have enough financial support to be able to attend college this year.

Thanks to you guys made it possible for me. It has not been an easy term at college for me as the college is situated far from home and I have been waking up early every morning at 5am to get to college in time at 8 am for my classes; and only getting back at home around 7pm due to traveling with public transport and the most struggle about it was the travelling fee was to expensive for me to cover for every week.

Working hard has never been a problem for me,but getting the opportunity to enhance my knowledge in Hospitality Management and working in a team has made me feel superior already in my field.

This term I was able to push myself hard and was able to pass all my subjects at college for this term. Thanks to your support and with the help of Hans and Christina I was able to find accommodation that's going to be closer to college for me and I'll be moving in next month; it will make a big difference for me as I will not have to travel early every morning from home and it will also save me some pocket money.

A Special thanks to you for believing in me and my capabilities,I know that this path I have chosen will make my family proud but that is not the only aim; making you proud is what pushes me to have the drive I have towards my studies.