Leadership Workshop


The crew has set itself the goal to organize a leadership workshop this year. The workshop took place over three Saturdays and was a complete success. Thanks Ben for your commitment!

Go Guys: Let's lead not follow!

Here goes some of the feedbacks :

“The workshop has changed my way of viewing things. I feel more enlightened or aware of different parts of myself which I never knew existed before. I am excited about the future now and more relaxed about a lot of things.” Azola (Mentor)

“The sessions were amazing, really helpful in terms of self-learning and reflecting on the positive sides of my life. Very productive in terms of understanding myself, and who I truly want to be! It was such a great experience. It felt like I was talking to a therapist.” Stefano (Mentee)

“For me the workshop was an eye opening experience. It helped me to understand myself more and actually deal with my emotions and feelings instead of brushing them under the carpet. It also gave me several coping mechanisms on how to cope with emotions.” Zanethemba (Mentee)