Mentorship: Year End Event Mentees 22/23


We want to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work the mentors do day after day and as part of the team. The work the mentors do is important for each and everyone in the community and within South Africa. The mentors have an impact in people’s life. The commitment to doing good work is an asset to our organization and above all to the whole community.

We are aware that the mentorship programme is not an easy way to walk. But still, we believe it will tremendously help the mentors in their own growth.
Impact about being a mentor: 

  • You provide guidance
  • You are a motivator
  • You are a role model
  • You help in exploring careers
  • Your set goals
  • You develop contacts
  • You identify resources
  • You create a safe-space
  • You make time
  • You practice empathy 

Statements from the Mentees 2022/2023: 

Being part of the Thatha Ithuba family has been one of the greatest things that has ever happened to me, ever moment I spent being part of this amazing family has been extremely enjoyable, helpful and has positively impacted my life. I have grown, discover new things about myself as well as about the world, learnt new things, developed new skills and have developed personally, I have received opportunity beyond my imagination which is something that I am really greatful of. I am greatful to all those who had a hand in this wonderful programme which really has a major impact on the lives of many youth in my community and it has been a great privilege being part of it. To be honest I do not really have something in mind that I would want to change in this programme, Willoughby

I just want to say that the program was amazing and how things went, it was far different from what I thought of or expected when I was joining the program. This initiative was one of the best things to happen to me during High School, it built me as a person and strengthened my confidence and self-esteem, David