Discover Your Career Workshop - Grade 9


Without a doubt, the Discover your Career Workshop must form part of TI annual projects. The learners need it the most and there is no better time to choose the right career other than in grade 9. This workshop also gives us as the organization an opportunity to start building a long-term relationship with the learners. This is usually our first encounter with students who later become part of our mentorship programme as mentees and ultimately mentors.

Through the career workshop and the workbook, the Grade 9 learner will discover more about him/herself, more about the subject choices and more about careers available to them. At the end of the workshop the learners will have a better understanding of who they are, where they want to go in the future and what subjects they need to get there. 

In South Africa Grade 9 learners need to decide on their High School Subjects for Grade 10 – 12. The decision of the right subjects and the understanding of the of the career ambitions is crucial for the future and with this mission to break the cycle of poverty