Ignite your employability workshop

On the 7th and 8th of October 2020 we had Ignite your employability workshop with Tyrol. The aim of the workshop was to educate mentors and provide them with adequate skills to facilitate the books (that were based on how to choose a career, the essential skills that are necessary to get a job), with their mentees, by preparing them well for the future and making sure that they choose the correct career path that resonates well with them.

What we learnt as mentors

We learnt that career and personality are interconnected and cannot be separated. It is very important to choose a career path that resonates with your personality. Choose a career path that you are passionate about this makes working a whole lot easier and enjoyable and passion is mostly what drives people. It is important to be mindful of what an individual post on social media, negative content can badly affect the chances of one getting a job. We learnt that good communication is essential and always be eager to listen. Always look representable neat and smart

My first impression was that if only I had, had this opportunity before choosing a career probably things would have been different but at the same time it’s not too late to discover my passion. However, I am glad that at least we got the opportunity to learn and share this information with other people and help them choose the career that best match their characteristics and personality.

How it would benefit the community

Ignite your employability workshop would impact the community in various positive ways. In communities where there are high levels of unemployment, this workshop would provide information on entrepreneurship to the youths which is a good way of eradicating poverty. Furthermore, it will encourage them to think in a creative and unique way while making money using their talents. The advantage of using your talent is that you never get bored and you never give up. You will have a purpose for waking up every day and have something that drives you in life. It will also help the youths with choosing their best desired career because usually in communities learners are limited when it comes to the various options they have as a result this leads to lots of university drop outs as most careers are chosen by parents or some because of peer pressure so in anyway this empowers the youth and helps them to make autonomous decisions.