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Team Building Event

Theme: Team Buidling & Get-together
Date: 28/11/2020
Venue: Kirstenbosch Gardens & Blockhouse Kitchen Constantia


Kirstenbosch Gardens

On the 8th of November we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens for team building. When we got there, we did our check-in, we all had to introduce ourselves. This was vital as we had the new members, who had just joined us and it was very much essential for them to get a grip of what Thatha Ithuba is and who is the person behind it, and also to get to know the old members.

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Gender based violence in Imizamo Yethu

"In an attempt to ensure that our girls are atleast "safe" when walking in the streets, TI has again extended their helping hand and donated over 30 pepper sprays.

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Ignite your employability workshop

On the 7th and 8th of October 2020 we had Ignite your employability workshop with Tyrol. The aim of the workshop was to educate mentors and provide them with adequate skills to facilitate the books (that were based on how to choose a career, the essential skills that are necessary to get a job), with their mentees, by preparing them well for the future and making sure that they choose the correct career path that resonates well with them.

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Career Expo 2020

The Career Expo is an event that gives students and working professionals a chance to meet one another, discuss possible career options and hopefully network and establish helpful relationships. This year’s event was a huge success. We witnessed an increase in overall attendance and an increasing amount of positive feedback from attendees and speakers.

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Mentee's Day Part I

For the start of the new year we organized a special experience for the mentors and mentees: An afternoon on the farm of Glodin with horses, archery and lots of fun!

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Graduation: Melikhaya

Melikhaya Mdubeki, graduated from CPUT with a qualification in Business and Management Sciences!

"Dear Melikaya

What a day. After such a painfull month and a hard year you reached for the star and you got it. Well done. You can be so proud. We are proud! Good to have you in our team.

Stay strong, keep on walking and rock it!"


Leadership Workshop

The crew has set itself the goal to organize a leadership workshop this year. The workshop took place over three Saturdays and was a complete success. Thanks Ben for your commitment!

Go Guys: Let's lead not follow!

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Date:  24. – 26. April 2019

Number of Mentors: 17

Number of Mentees: 23

Topics: Health, Trauma, Self Care, Self-Developement (Time Management), Year planning

Facilitator: Candice Winterboer, Live Coach

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Self Defence Workshop

Today we had the privilege of attending a self defense workshop that aims to empower women and provide practical training on how we can protect ourselves from getting raped and attacked.

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Fellowship Event

The purpose of this event was achieved, the members seemed to have enjoyed it. The members were taken out of their comfort zone by ensuring that every member participated in the playing of games. This was the first Fellowship we have ever had and it went accordingly.

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TIC18.2 - July 2018

By Naydia: The long anticipated 13th of July had finally arrived and we were ready to work. Unlike previous ones, this Thatha Ithuba conference was held over two days. 6th Spin Street, Cape Town CBD was our arrival point where the Kuhn’s and Gina were waiting patiently for all of us to arrive. As soon as we arrived we were met with breakfast, expectation and slight pressure because of the work we knew lay ahead.

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The Career Expo 2018

The speakers for the Career Expo 2018 came from various backgrounds, but they all had a common goal - which was to change the life of a child in Imizamo Yethu. The purpose of these Career Expos is to inspire the pupils to dream bigger, to encourage hard work and to transform their lives, in spite of their challenges.

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UCT open day

Saturday, 12th April 2018 - What an amazing experience for our mentees: UCT open days organized through their mentors - yeahhh.

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TIC18 - Day 3

African Sprit

Guest Speaker: Africa Melane, Mama Thoko Ntshinga, Chrystal Davids

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Mentoring Program

One of the conclusions after the first year of the program is to select younger (Grade
9 and 11) and dedicated learners. It was decided to select Grade 8 resp 10 learners
from Hout Bay and Silikamva High School

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Valedictory Ceremony

On the 16th of October, Silikamva High School held its second valedictory ceremony in the six years of its establishment. The spacious Kronendal Primary School hall was the venue of choice. The great achievements of the previous year’s students set the bar high, the current matriculants had big shoes to fill. The room buzzed with excitement; from students who had worked hard all year long, proud teachers, as well as parents who had witnessed their children give it their all.

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Thatha Ithuba Mentorship Camp 2017

On Wednesday 05 July 2017 the second Thatha Ithuba Camp took the Hout Bay Rotaractors, and their mentees, on a retreat-like camp at the beautiful Bhodi Ikhaya Retreat near Stanford. We settled in comfortably into the homely accommodation, heaters and warm blankets to combat the winter chill. For a second there, we thought we were on a getaway.

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