Interview mit Kimberly

Bachelor of Science in Life Sciences & Biomedical Sciences


What’s your name?

My Name is Kimberly Mapani.

How old are you?

I am 25

What’s the most important in your life?

The most important thing in my life is my relationship with God and family.

Do you like Imizamo Yethu? What do you like there and how is your life at the township? Did you grow up there?

I don’t love the condition and seeing people suffering in Imzamo Yethu, I love the people in it. I don't love the cycle of poverty that continues. Life in a township is not good, I see Imzamo Yethu as a pit stop on my journey to success. It's not an easy place to grow up in, the issues that surround you make you sad.

What are you studing?

I am currently bridging into Biomedical Studies on my way to becoming a doctor.

What are your personal/business goals?

My personal goal is to become a medical doctor to help my community in Imzamo Yethu and to hopefully open up medical centers that will improve the livelihood of the people not only in IY for people living in underprivileged communities too.

How do you get in to the Thatha Ithuba programm, what does it mean for you? What are the positives and negatives of this project?

My first journey in Thata Ithuba began when I met Hans and Christina Kuhn in our home In IY. There, they introduced me to the founders of Thatha Ithuba through the camp they hosted. Upon meeting them I have experienced joy in my life, they gave me means to continue my studies and achieve my dreams in life. I no longer suffer or work hard in jobs to pay for my fees. THEY SAVED ME. This is a huge positive in my life. They are no negatives.

On what way did it change your life/your behavior?

Thathu Ithuba changed my approach to life. It's no longer how can I do this? Where am I going to get the money to pay for my fees? Where am I going to get the support? Who is going to guide me? Who believes in me? Thatha Ithuba supports you mentally and physically, they are the fuel to your success.

Do you have special wishes / ideas for the programm?

I wish that it would expand not only in IY, but to other communities that have youth who have no hope or, means to achieve their goals. I think that we as Thatha Ithuba should have a bursary program that supports achievers who don’t have the finance to help those youth. And those people who manage to achieve their dreams and become something should intern give back to their community. I see it grow big.

How is the collaboration with your mentor? Who is your mentor and how is your mentore supports you? What kind of support would you need more/less?

My mentor is the lovely Christina Kuhn. My mentor advises me in issues I need advice in if I have a problem with my studies or a lack of something I speak to my mentor.  The collaboration was well thought out. My first journey began with the Kuhn’s so it’s a perfect match because they already know us.

The support is perfect however financially the allowance we receive on the first does not cover 31 days of the month. The money is entirely spent on food and transport which results in us borrowing money from people we know. We find it difficult to always ask for money. It makes us seem like we a burden. Unlike other bursary holders, I do not have a stable household. Other students have parents they can run to whenever they are in need and can always run back home when they are stranded, but that is not the case for us. I have tried to look for a part-time job, but the only ones available are full time, which will affect my studies. I will keep looking so I can make ends meet, but as for now, that is the biggest challenge affecting me.

Barbara Thomann is one of your personal Supporters. This year she decided to collect as much money as she could from her friends and family for you, instead of Birthday present. Any comments :-)

I would like to thank Ms. Barbara Thomann for becoming my destiny helper. Your sponsorship has helped improve my life. I have food, a home, an education. Its people like you that make me believe that there is hope and that they are people out there who care.

What are your next steps in education and for your job? How do you reach them?

The next step is after I finish my Biomedical Degree I would be extending into medicine. I will reach them by getting good grades.

What are your personal saying? Why?

Everything you go through prepares you for something greater.

I have been through tough times but through all this, it has made me a stronger person and has given me the drive to achieve. Anything that you want to achieve in life is possible if you work hard and remain steadfast in your beliefs.

Make a wish for your life:

My wish is to own my own property in the future that I will call home. To own a car and to become a doctor and open practices.


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