Career Expo 2020


The Career Expo is an event that gives students and working professionals a chance to meet one another, discuss possible career options and hopefully network and establish helpful relationships. This year’s event was a huge success. We witnessed an increase in overall attendance and an increasing amount of positive feedback from attendees and speakers.


  • To educate the students about industry opportunities.
  • To provide an opportunity for students to network with working professionals.
  • Prepare and guide students for the working world.


A challenge we did not anticipate was the power cuts that happened just as our event was about to start. We are grateful that the speakers did not mind speaking without a microphone, but now we know that we should plan our events in line with Eskom’s calendar. A few of the first speakers arrived late, so we had to start our event 5 minutes later than planned, and that necessitated a change in our program as some speakers had to leave earlier than others.


We had about 80 students who attended the event, which is a huge improvement from previous years. We believe the posters and flyers played a major role.

by Piwai