Mentee's Day Part I


Zum Start ins neue Jahr organisierten wir für die Mentoren und Mentees ein spezielles Erlebnis: Ein Nachmittag auf der Farm von Glodin mit Pferden, Pfeilbogen schiesses und einfach ganz viel Fun!

What a fun and exciting way to officially start the year with our mentees. 
It was such a privilege to spend a day with our mentees at the Mountain View Horse Trails this Saturday. We were about 11 mentors and 17 mentees in total. The aim of the gathering and going to the farm was a welcoming back of the 2019 mentors and mentees. This was also a way to inform our mentees that we would continue to mentor them throughout their matric year since we are not taking any new mentees this year. However, the farm is primarily a horse-riding farm, but they do have other animals that we got to see such as rabbits, chickens and tortoises. Each of us got to ride a horse with the help of the staff at the farm, there were about six horses to ride, therefore just six of us got to ride per trip while others got to see the other animals and others went for archery (shooting). Horse riding was a new experience to most of us, even though we had been previously exposed to horses in the Eastern Cape and the different places that we come from, riding one was always a fearful thought, but Saturday was different all thanks to the amazing team of Mountain View.  It was such a beautiful experience to have to encounter this 'first' with our mentees, not only did this day help us bond but it helped us get to know one another even better, opening a channel to work even better together. I also believe that this experience helped strengthen our mentor-mentee relationships to a great extent. We are all excited and looking forward to this New Year!
Thank you Thatha Ithuba for such a beautiful experience, we are all grateful for this opportunity!

by Siyasanga