TIC.19 / Camp April 2019


Datum 24. – 26. April 2019

Anzahl Mentoren: 17

Anzahl Mentees: 23

Thema: Gesundheit, Trauma, Self Care, Weiterentwicklung (Time Management), Planung

Facilitator: Candice Winterboer, Live Coach


On arrival we had breakfast and wrote down our expectations from the camp. we had our first session at 10:00 am which was more of introductions and welcoming. On our second session we had some nutritionist from eat better South Africa. They focused more on cutting carbs and eating healthy. They taught us to be aware of the foods that we eat that might consist a lot of sugar as a result we end up suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes. They gave us books that will inform and educate us about Banting and healthy eating, furthermore, they provided magazines with healthy recipes and as well as two packets of porridge for each person. We then had our lunch at 1.00pm. We had fish, mashed potato, butternut and mushroom.

On our third session we talked about Trauma, the theories, symptoms and how to treat it, toolkit for short-term relief and the resources. Trauma was defined as an event that overwhelms the Central Nervous System and it alters the way we remember things. We also discussed about sources of events which are time event or shock, continued or accumulated, overlooked events and developmental or childhood. We further went on to discuss the emotional and psychological effects which include shock, anxiety and fear, mood swings, feeling sad, self-blame and difficult in concentrating. We also touched on the Physical effects which includes: aches and pains, racing heartbeat, muscle tension, insomnia, edginess and agitation.

At 5:00 pm we had our check out and reflections and later had dinner at 7:00pm. After having dinner we went into our houses to plan and prepare for Mentee and Mentor day that was to take place on Saturday.


We had Yoga at 7:00 am for an hour then we had breakfast at 8:15, we at Muesli and yoghurt, cornflakes, croissants, fruits and juices. On our first session we learnt about self-care, ways of taking care of ourselves, certain boundaries to implement. Types of self-care that we discussed include: getting physical, social, sensual, and spiritual and getting in touch with emotions.

On our second session we talked about Worldviews that is the global session certain things that we come across living in a global society. We discussed the things that we would come across when working abroad, different jobs, multicultural and different provinces or cities. We also discussed that culture, food, geographical location and religious views and beliefs makes things different. People wrote down beliefs that no longer served them.

On our third session we discussed boundaries and communication. We defined boundaries as a way of teaching people how to treat us and also it is what makes us unique or separates us from others. We mentioned four styles of boundaries which include:

  • Porous boundaries
  • Rigid boundaries
  • Healthy boundaries
  • Other boundaries

We further went on to learn about the types of boundaries which include:

  • Work
  • Time
  • Sexual
  • Material

We discussed that an important tool for communication is listening well. We also had a role play in which the other person has to choose a topic and share it with their partner, the person who was listening didn’t have to answer or say anything but only had to paraphrase at the end and switch roles.

We also looked at the obstacles to listening which include distraction, judgements, making assumptions, interrupting , listening just for facts and as well as giving advice.

We then had a group discussion after the group discussion we had a check out people had to share their high light and low light. Then we had leisure time at 6.30pm and afterwards had our dinner. In the evening we played games.


Some had yoga in the morning and some took a contemplative walk to the beach at 6:45 am. We then had our breakfast at 8:00am and also our check out.

On our first session we talked about time management, how to management time effectively and to prioritise. We had an illustration of Pickle Jar which demonstrated the importance of prioritising. We also discussed the things that steal our time. The ones that were most mentioned by different group are social media, family, traffic, transport and cell phones. We also learned about the Pareto Theory which emphasized on putting 20% effort and in return yield 80% results and we also talked about taking advantage of gap time.

We later had our year planning, choosing positions and branches that one would like to work on. Furthermore, we looked at the budget of each branch, the time allocation and also the venue.

Lastly, did our check out and reflections. Then had our dinner at 6:00 pm. We split into two groups the boys went to do boxing and the girls remained at Monkey Valley Resort and had a girl’s night out which they talked about prevention of pregnancy and diseases.