TIC18 - Day 3


African Sprit

Guest Speaker: Africa Melane, Mama Thoko Ntshinga, Chrystal Davids

Africa Melane

I was born in Gugulethu and have lived in the Mother City all of my life. Went to UCT, where I studied accounting - then worked with a leading business assurance and advisory company. I ended up teaching some of the first-year MBChB class for a number of years in professional and personal development, and am now a presenter on CapeTalk and 702.

A Sub A (Grade One) teacher. Both my parents were teachers, as well as my maternal grandfather and my paternal grandmother. So teaching is in my blood.

He is also in a panel of judges for theatre and on the board of “Cape Town Opera”

His advises:

  • Getting a degree teaches you the way of thinking
  • Do what you love first and the money will follow
  • Networking is very important
  • There are no shortcuts in life, in business, in achieving something


Mama Thoko Ntshinga

She was a nurse but soon discovered that she loves performing, working for and developing communities

Her advise:

  • don’t teach something people don’t want


Chrystal Davids

She grew up in Elsies Rivier and instead of becoming a teacher or a nurse which was the only option for Coloures during apartheid, she wanted to study Biogenetics. She registered at Stellenbosch Universisity. During all her studies she worked as a waitress.

She later studied Nuclear Science but didn’t get a manager job at the “Koeberg”. She was very disappointed but opened a coffee shop (as a franchise)  in Blougbergstrand (opposite Eden on the Bay). She is now responsible for the training for safety at the Nuclear Station and other companies.

her advises:

  • You can learn from any work you do and it is very good to work during studies.
  • People who are everywhere are nowhere, try to have balance in your life