Kleine Lichtblicke


Das Feuer vom 11. März hat vielen Menschen in Imizamo Yethu alles genommen. Unter den Betroffenen sind auch einige von unseren Studenten und Newcomers. Grund genug den jungen Menschen und ihren Familien zu helfen.

Am letzten Samstag haben sich Yamkela, Kimberly und Piwai mit fünf Studenten und dem Präsidenten von Interact getroffen und ihnen Schuhe, Toiletten-Artikel, Kissen, Duvets und Essen gekauft. Zum Abschluss haben sie die Studenten zum Lunch eingeladen um sich mit ihnen auszutauschen und zu sehen, wo sie noch Hilfe benötigen.

Es ist ein kleiner Schritt. Von der Normalität sind sie noch weit enfernt. In der Zwischenzeit hat die Community und die Stadt mit dem Wiederaufbau begonnen.

Ein Auszug über den Wiederaufbau aus den Facebook Hout Bay News:

"Status as of Friday Evening, March 24

Yesterday the City with the cooperation of the community, was able to clear and demarcate some of the plots on which the community will be rebuilding their new structures according to the safer and serviced grids.

33 Starter Kits were delivered onsite and construction according to the new and safer specs began with the assistance of City of Cape Town Informal Settlements officials, NGOs and 53 local EPW workers sourced via the community.

There were challenges faced in identifying the 33 beneficiaries of the first rollout however this process was aided by leadership and the continuation of this rollout will be ongoing throughout the weekend.

The immediate aim is to rapidly provide the kits for the remaining 162 families left affected in sections A1&2 Madiba Square and despite the many challenges experienced in demarcating and clearing the remaining sites, tangible progress is being made possible together.

Regarding the Relief Camp:

Community Cohesion and the SA Red Cross are providing Trauma counseling and activities.

Today 92 people received counseling and a rollout of programs and counseling for 162 children is underway with a total of approximately 720 adults and approximately 300 children receiving counseling so far.

The affected counseling recipients have been treated at the Camp as well as at the offices of Community Cohesion.

The SA Red Cross has also provided a soup kitchen for cooking and there is an additional tent for cleaning baby bottles and preparing baby food and formula.

The two smaller tents onsite have been converted into "food halls" for eating in, which will assist in maintaining hygiene and preventing food preparation in the tents which risks rodent and other health risks and there is another tent for baby bathing and feeding.

There are also numerous other groups providing activities for the children and we thank them for their selfless volunteering and care for our community's most vulnerable members.

A request has also been submitted to our Recreation and Parks Department for additional activities to be rolled out for the children at the Camp.

We are optimistic that yesterday's progress onsite will lay the foundations for a more rapid rollout and will see us make further progress toward the City's vision of a superblocking process that allows for a safer and more dignified resettlement of our community.

Ward Cllr Rob Quintas"