Mentee meet ups


We had the last Friday meet up with the mentees at the sports field. Had the sun out but there was wind which made it bit cold even with the sun out, we had our check ins and touch on how many felt about the struggles from the month they faced...

We discussed the importance of time management and importance of eating proper breakfast at the start of the day, went around the group getting information about what different mentees eat in the morning, Decided we (I) would draw up a plan with different breakfast ideas (cheap and what to make) and would send it to the mentees because many said they don’t eat in the morning and they don't know what to eat. The group was open and interactive the whole-time asking questions and participating throughout.

Text by Siwze - Mentor

The Thatha Ithuba Friday meet ups are awesome last Fridays of the month. I really enjoy every moment I get to interact with other mentees and mentors. I learn a lot and I personally feel happy to talk about how life has been going because I get a chance to express my feelings and get the best advice from the mentors. To be specific this last Friday on the 24 of June was great, I had fun with the mentors at the soccer field, we got to appreciate one another which is a very great feeling and I learnt the importance of time managing and how it is important to always be punctual at all times. I also learnt something important from my mentor about eating healthy and the importance of always eating in the morning. These meetings seem like something simple but then really benefit me and other mentors if I may speak for them. I am grateful to all the mentors and the mentees who make these meetups awesome

Text by Willoghby- Mentee