Mentees Walk & Talk - No 5


In today's session we talked about tutoring classes for some of the mentees since we're about to start our exams. We also talked about when we'll apply for varsitiy and what we need in order to apply and that we need guidance throughout the whole process of applying online because it can be a bit tricky. And some of us have started applying already but some of us haven't because of different reasons. And sis' Dee said she'd help us with applying  and she'll let us know when she's free to help us.

We also discussed about the possibilities of us having camp,but we needed to come up with reasons as tp why we would like to have a camp. Reasons were that we needed camp because grade 12 had been such a hard year and mentees bearly have time for anything other than school. And so it would be really nice to have a camp where we'd just relax and not worry about anything and just be in a different environment,also it would bring us more closer as a group of mentees and be more comfortable with each other and just be a collective. But we don't know when the camp is happening because of our different time tables of when we're finishing exams and stuff.

Lastly we talked about how these meetings have helped us as mentees to be more comfortable with each other when we're talking in a group and how everyone can just talk to anyone without feeling somehow uncomfortable.

Text by Thabisile