Kids Holiday Club - Christmas Programme 2021


The Holiday Club is aimed at keeping kids safe during school holidays, not only do the kids stay without a parent supervision during hours when their parents are at work. We know that most kids in our community rely on the food schemes provided at school and during holidays this means some kids don't have food at home.

We see it as one of our responsibility to spend time with these kids. They are our future in IY. That is why we try to organize these "Kids Holiday Clubs" during the big holiday breaks.

The kids we take are mostly ages from 5-13. During holidays kids we see kids as young a 9 years starting to smoke, drink during school holidays and tend to go to the beach alone we have since witnessed kids walking alone from IY to the beach it's not safe and on top of that kids eat from rubbish bins and start begging when they are hungry. We fill this gap during holidays by providing a safe environment for the kids.

In the programme we do fun and educational activities with them, we help them embrace their talents. We also expose them to their dreams having topics about their careers and dreams. Helping them share why they want to be in those fields and as innocent kids we find out a lot about their home situations. One child wanted to be a police because his father is physically abusing his mother.

The Christmas Programme was a new experience for the kids in our programme it was their first holiday club with a Christmas party. Basically, as a child of colour from growing up and in lost cases it’s still the same around South Africa that Christmas for a black child is having new clothes and having a meal with several dishes we call it Sunday Koss throughout the year we eat normal food every day and on Christmas you at least get a meal with a desert once a year and one thing that is exciting is getting new clothes for Christmas, way different to a white Christmas if I may say.

We believe a white Christmas is a time of jolly and we provided that for the kids in our community last year, the kids just had a day of fun and experienced something different even without having gift, the smiles and the gestures from them made it worth it.

The programme is a safe place during school holidays, provides a learning space and fun place for the holidays

Some activities we do during holiday club:

  • Music
  • Soccer tournament
  • Netball tournament
  • Topics with girls
  • Topics on careers
  • Fun games