Parents Event - Career Guidance Mentees


THATHA ITHUBA  it's a non profit organization program . It helps students to find their future careers and leadership in the community from grade 11 to university THATHA ITHABA work effortless to guide the students , to progress their studies.

On Friday 2022/25 / March
the mentor and mentees come together as a team at silikamva high school to discuss about how their relationship helps to achieve their goals includes highlights on studying hard, focus and subjects choice. We played games  which i enjoyed so much and we got some chocolates and super were saved the meal was delicious.

The following day which was Saturday the parents was called to meet the team. I could feel the atmosphere and sense things starting to get real as our parents were introduced to Gina the founder of THATHA ITHABA including the mentors and their working field i loved it. I could see myself on the stars and my dream coming reality. The montors emphasis that everything they do is about giving back to the community and make sure all the kids from disadvantage families meet their dreams. As for my mother she was very happy to wetness my sudden change according to my academic pass , taking responsibilities in everything I do , making good choices and never give up.

I give thanks to all THATHA ITHABA team for supporting us as students and encouraging us that through hard work anything is possible , sky is a limit.we can do it , Thanks THATHA ITHABA.

Text by Adolf

I was pleased we had parents coming together with their childern, the day was about giving parents about what we do and asking for then to work hand in hand with us and childern, most importantly trying to encourage more communication between parents and childern.
My highlight of the day meeting the parents!!they were pleased to meet us ,they were interested and happy we were in their childerns lives and helping guide them. Was great to have gina at the parents meeting and mentee talk so she could experience the progress of the events first hand .

Text by Sizwe



  • Structured guidance provided by TI mentors to mentees who have applied to be part of the programme.
  • TI mentors guide their mentees into developing themselves and find their most authentic self.
  • Our mentorship programme is a collaborative and interactive relationship between mentee and mentor.
  • Our aim is to develop mentees into becoming leaders in their own personal capacity and the community at large, and mentor the next generation
  • UMNTU, NGUMNTU, NGABANTU best sums up our mentorship.
  • THATHA ITHUBA is the main attitude for this mentorship to succeed.