Career Workshop Phase 1 - Mentees


On Saturday we had our first Yenza Program Workshiop. We guided the Mentees through a very instructive program that gave them a quick understanding of their personality and potential job options once finished with Matric.

We started with a check-in with the Mentors. Then we went over the program briefly to make sure everyone was on board with what we were going to do for the day.
At 11 a.m., the mentees arrived and we began to walk them through the Yenza Program. The program was highly useful for everyone, however it did leave some individuals perplexed because new information was uncovered. The information was really beneficial because it allowed us to pinpoint the Mentees' strengths and weaknesses.
The fact that jobs they would never have considered were suggested to them was one of their favorite aspects. Some students showed a lot of interest, and those who didn't, we as Mentors took the initiative to motivate them by telling them about our own Matric experiences and how we dealt with the stress and difficulties that came with the year.
One of the mentees' main worries was the stress they were experiencing as a result of the grades they needed to qualify for Tertiary institution. A couple of the mentors and other leaders used personal experiences to encourage the mentees and to help them cope with their anxiety.
Finally, we had lunch at Dues, a local restaurant on Main Street close to I.Y. Mentors and mentees had the opportunity to interact with one another as well as other mentors. These events provide an opportunity for the group to get to know one another better while listening to good music. The day was packed with information that benefited the mentees in particular, but also benefited the mentors because they learned more about their mentees. Overall, the day was enjoyable.

Report By Tatenda Mac and Aaliyah