Kick-off Event 2022


What a special and an amazing time had, reuniting with everyone in a New year full of great expectations, it’s safe to say that we all have plans for the year, because what’s a year without plans?! nothing.
Everybody was wearing a beautiful smile on their faces and ready for an informative session. It seems like 2022 is not like any other year. Everyone sees it as year to regain stability and progression post the pandemic and we were so happy to hear this, as we’re slowly progressing as a union.

Now onto the itinerary of the day:

We had a quick check-in with the mentors and they seemed to all be optimistic about the year and said they were dedicated and committed to making sure the mentees who are now matriculants, are well equipped mentally and emotionally. These two factors are most important to mention because they play the biggest role in assuring that one passes their matric to eventually make it to Higher education, which is university or college.

In order to make sure we get the mentees to reach their fullest potential we all agreed that we need to give them attention and have frequent check ups as soundboards for them- dates were set up and it was decided that we meet every last Friday of every month with the whole group of Mentees- this will help us evaluate their strengths and weaknesses in all areas whether it’s school or personal issues and try help them, if we can, find solace in their situation and hopefully try offer the support they may need.

So what was done which we found great to have a well planned and organised year was mentors being split into groups and allocated a particular month where they will be expected to attend a monthly meet up through the course of the year.

We were also told that the home visits would carry on, as per usual considering that not all mentees’ homes were visited this also allows the team to chat things up with the mentees families and all come to a mutual understanding regarding the programme.


To sum it all up, the kick off session was really to make sure everyone had an understanding of the year ahead, as well as the plans for the year. It’s looking extremely exciting and busy and we cannot wait for it all. Thank you!