Team Building Event


Theme: Team Buidling & Get-together
Date: 28/11/2020
Venue: Kirstenbosch Gardens & Blockhouse Kitchen Constantia


Kirstenbosch Gardens

On the 8th of November we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens for team building. When we got there, we did our check-in, we all had to introduce ourselves. This was vital as we had the new members, who had just joined us and it was very much essential for them to get a grip of what Thatha Ithuba is and who is the person behind it, and also to get to know the old members.

We had our breakfast as well, we must admit food has a different way of touching souls. Lastly we walked around and people were taking pictures of the things that speak to them, strike them as the most beautiful and as well as important and last how this particular picture depicts their lives

Blockhous Kitchen Constantia

We left Kirstenbosch at 12 and headed to Constantia where we had our lunch. After we had lunch we discussed about:

  • Communication
  • Ignite your employability workshop
  • How to make Thatha Ithuba stand out more
  • Members and friends of Thatha Ithuba/Rotaract Club


  • Communication is the key of getting things done, without communication we would be walking in circles and getting nowhere.
  • Members should take time to read WhatsApp group chats so that they are always up to date
  • A suggestion was made that e could perhaps set aside a day that people know it is for the club, where one has to go through all the messages so that we would all be on the same page.
  • Members are expected to respond to messages even if it does not directly concern them as part of acknowledgment.

Ignite your Employability Workshop

The workshop was postponed to January/February 2021 because we realized that the date (Mid December) is a bit crucial to have our mentees attend as they will be exhausted with exams especially under the circumstances that they had to write them henceforth we might get fewer people than expected which would be a waste of money and would not serve us anything.

How to make Thatha Ithuba stand out more

  • It was discussed that Thatha Ithuba is not part of Rotary/Rotaract it is an individual organization. However, when an individual’s join Rotaract Club they automatically join Thatha Ithuba.
  • When having events it is important to put more emphasis on Thatha Ithuba, it is the one that is hosting that certain event for example when we send out invitations about certain events, if these events are being sponsored/hosted by Thatha Ithuba, its Logo must stand out more and credit must be given where it’s due.