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Thatha Ithuba Christmas Club (TICC)

Der TICC bieten Kids zwischen 5 – 13 Jahren während zwei Wochen einen sicheren und unbeschwerten Ort. Viel Spass, unterhaltende Spiel, kreative Basteleien, viele Überraschungen und genug Verpflegung sind ein riesiges Geschenk für die Kids. Im Dezember 2022 waren teilweise knapp 250 Kids dabei.

Mentorship: Year End Event Mentees 22/23

We want to express our deep gratitude for the dedicated work the mentors do day after day and as part of the team. The work the mentors do is important for each and everyone in the community and within South Africa. The mentors have an impact in people’s life. The commitment to doing good work is an asset to our organization and above all to the whole community.

We are aware that the mentorship programme is not an easy way to walk. But still, we believe it will tremendously help the mentors in their own growth.
Impact about being a mentor: 

  • You provide guidance
  • You are a motivator
  • You are a role model
  • You help in exploring careers
  • Your set goals
  • You develop contacts
  • You identify resources
  • You create a safe-space
  • You make time
  • You practice empathy 


Discover Your Career Workshop - Grade 9

Without a doubt, the Discover your Career Workshop must form part of TI annual projects. The learners need it the most and there is no better time to choose the right career other than in grade 9. This workshop also gives us as the organization an opportunity to start building a long-term relationship with the learners. This is usually our first encounter with students who later become part of our mentorship programme as mentees and ultimately mentors.


CAMP - TIC 22.2

“Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” Barack Obama

This year has been quite profitable for us as mentors since we met and unveiled the year 2022 as well as jotted down the remainder of the goals for this year.


Mentee meet ups

We had the last Friday meet up with the mentees at the sports field. Had the sun out but there was wind which made it bit cold even with the sun out, we had our check ins and touch on how many felt about the struggles from the month they faced...

We discussed the importance of time management and importance of eating proper breakfast at the start of the day, went around the group getting information about what different mentees eat in the morning, Decided we (I) would draw up a plan with different breakfast ideas (cheap and what to make) and would send it to the mentees because many said they don’t eat in the morning and they don't know what to eat. The group was open and interactive the whole-time asking questions and participating throughout.

Text by Siwze - Mentor


The Thatha Ithuba Holiday club

The Thatha Ithuba Holiday club serves a purpose of safe-keeping and educating young children from community of Imizamo Yethu during the school holiday’s.

The biggest concern is safety; most parents unfortunately cannot take leave from employment during these holidays and most of these children come from single-parented homes and are therefore left unguarded during the day. Our community is infested with drug use and there are no safe places for children to play during these hours as they have free time on their hands. We provide a safe space for them, this also gives parents a peace of mind, knowing their children are well taken of.

The second concern is that some children depend on feeding schemes provided for at schools in order for them to have a nutritional meal. We, in the programme ensure that each kids at least has meal, as for some this might be the only meal available for them to eat that day.,

The kids we take are mostly ages from 5 years to 13 years and  we do fun and educational activities with them , we help them embrace their different talents. We also expose them to the concept of dreaming and seeing themselves in better places in the future as we lead them in topics to their their careers and dreams. Helping them share why they want to be in those fields and this always provides an opportunity for them to let us in on their home situations for example, one child wanted to be a police because his father is physically abusive towards his mother.

Text by Debra

Mentees Walk & Talk - No 5

In today's session we talked about tutoring classes for some of the mentees since we're about to start our exams. We also talked about when we'll apply for varsitiy and what we need in order to apply and that we need guidance throughout the whole process of applying online because it can be a bit tricky. And some of us have started applying already but some of us haven't because of different reasons. And sis' Dee said she'd help us with applying  and she'll let us know when she's free to help us.


Career Workshop Phase 2

The Yenza phase 2 worshop held on Saturday went very well.
Discovering a career is not a easy process, it a process that could change at anytime of ones life.
But we try our best that the current career that our mentees choose could lead to a satisfied career and a better future.

The mentors enlightened the mentees about the reality of life and the impart of doing something that was meant for you. The mentees were open minded as to understanding different careers by the presentation if the mentors .

The one on one (mentor mentee) added more value to the day, as mentors connected with their mentees on personal level. Mentors helped mentees have better understanding on the different career they wish to follow. It was also another opportunity for the mentoring relationship to grow.

We hope that our mentee will understanding the reality that the career they wish to follow brings and whether it will be possible to go into such career with their current academic results.


Overall Experience Report

This year's camp was large and full of joy as well as pain, but it was all in good fun. From the minute we stepped into the taxi, situations occurred in which people either did not arrive on time for their scheduled departure or miscommunicated pick-up times, etc... However, to everyone's amazement, the themes included all of the misconduct and mental health issues that everyone was dealing with following the Pandemic.

The team was presented with a new system that I believe is ideal for assisting the main board in working with Thata ithuba to track challenges faced by both mentees and mentors.

The Following is a Report from Aviwe Msindisi Regarding his Camp experience. 


Parents Event - Career Guidance Mentees

THATHA ITHUBA  it's a non profit organization program . It helps students to find their future careers and leadership in the community from grade 11 to university THATHA ITHABA work effortless to guide the students , to progress their studies.

On Friday 2022/25 / March
the mentor and mentees come together as a team at silikamva high school to discuss about how their relationship helps to achieve their goals includes highlights on studying hard, focus and subjects choice. We played games  which i enjoyed so much and we got some chocolates and super were saved the meal was delicious.

The following day which was Saturday the parents was called to meet the team. I could feel the atmosphere and sense things starting to get real as our parents were introduced to Gina the founder of THATHA ITHABA including the mentors and their working field i loved it. I could see myself on the stars and my dream coming reality. The montors emphasis that everything they do is about giving back to the community and make sure all the kids from disadvantage families meet their dreams. As for my mother she was very happy to wetness my sudden change according to my academic pass , taking responsibilities in everything I do , making good choices and never give up.

I give thanks to all THATHA ITHABA team for supporting us as students and encouraging us that through hard work anything is possible , sky is a limit.we can do it , Thanks THATHA ITHABA.

Text by Adolf


Career Workshop Phase 1 - Mentees

On Saturday we had our first Yenza Program Workshiop. We guided the Mentees through a very instructive program that gave them a quick understanding of their personality and potential job options once finished with Matric.


Mentees Walk & Talk - No 1

As we were connecting with our mentees as the year begins this year, a lot of them feel like the school is pressuring them with academics. Every Friday of the month creates a relaxing space for our mentees building relationships within themselves and to better their journey as they go through this year.


Kick-off Event 2022

What a special and an amazing time had, reuniting with everyone in a New year full of great expectations, it’s safe to say that we all have plans for the year, because what’s a year without plans?! nothing.
Everybody was wearing a beautiful smile on their faces and ready for an informative session. It seems like 2022 is not like any other year. Everyone sees it as year to regain stability and progression post the pandemic and we were so happy to hear this, as we’re slowly progressing as a union.


Kids Holiday Club - Christmas Programme 2021

The Holiday Club is aimed at keeping kids safe during school holidays, not only do the kids stay without a parent supervision during hours when their parents are at work. We know that most kids in our community rely on the food schemes provided at school and during holidays this means some kids don't have food at home.

We see it as one of our responsibility to spend time with these kids. They are our future in IY. That is why we try to organize these "Kids Holiday Clubs" during the big holiday breaks.


Camp TIC 21.2

The Thata Ithuba Camp this time was so different to previous camps not because it was a different site but because we got in depth with our relationships as mentors and mentees. Besides the fact that it was towards the end of the year, and everybody had either just finished exams or they’d closed from work everybody was excited for the camp.


Mentees Home Visits

Samstag, 3. Dezember

Wollen wir den Mentee besser verstehen und ihn noch besser auf seinem Weg begleiten können, müssen wir sein zu Hause sehen, seine Eltern treffen und mit ihnen über unser Programm und die Zukunftspläne sprechen.


MATH: Game Changer Programme

With the GAME CHANGER Programme we support learners at Silikamva High School in Imizamo Yethu to develop a deeper conceptual understanding of the subject matter and greater confidence in application of the concepts in Mathematics and Life Science in examinations. The aim of the intervention is for learners in Mathematics and Life Sciences at the School to advance their understanding of the fundamental concepts of the subjects and to prepare them to improve their performance in the year-end examinations.

The game changer program officially began on June 14, 2021. The focus Grades for the moment (Pilot) were 8, 9, and 12. Tutoring classes take place on Monday through Thursday afternoons for grade 8 and 9, and Wednesday afternoons and Saturday mornings for grade 12. Three final-year education students at Cape Peninsula University of Technology are responsible for Grade 8 and 9, while Mrs Fiona Heaney (Math Teacher) teaches Grade 12 mathematics students.

Zizo Mphola - first Mentee back in 2016

Well done Zizo Mphola! Congratulations. 

Zizo was in the first group of our mentees back in 2016. 5 Years ago. Now she got her Diplom in Entrepreneurship! Proud moments for her, the team and her mentor Azola :-)



Boys and girls gathering report

The boys and girls gathering event was held at Houtbay Snoekies on Saturday. The presentation began at 10:00 a.m. On this day, we were joined by Ashley, who supplied SUBZ pads for the women, as well as the DRR Rex, who was there to observe and support the day. We also had other guests. We had burgers with cheese, mayo, lettuce, and polonies for lunch. We also had snacks like chocolates and chips, as well as bananas and other fruits.



«The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am.» 
Eckhart Tolle (oneness with all life)

Das war der Start in unser Camp TIC21.1. Huff, das war: gigantisch, emotional, dynamisch, positiv, intensiv… Es war so wichtig und richtig, dass wir das Camp durchgeführt haben. Die Themen waren nicht ohne so haben wir die ersten beiden Tage mit Self Development verbracht. 



Danke: Notfall-Covid-Programm im Township Imizamo Yethu

«On behalf of my family, I would like to express my gratitude towards Thatha Ithuba. Ever since the Pandemic my Parents haven't been working. My mom as the breadwinner lost her job and my dad has been getting piece jobs as a bricklayer! But with the Food-Vouchers I was able to sleep on a full stomach and go to school on a full stomach because of you. I've got hope that even in December it will be like any other December because of you. I can't begin to express my thankfulness. But in all in all I'd like to say thank you sis'Yamkela and your team for the support you've given us throughout this pandemic! Thank You»

Ein kleiner Einblick in die Situation vor Ort gibt dieses Video aufgenommen von unseren Studenten


Team Building Event

Theme: Team Buidling & Get-together
Date: 28/11/2020
Venue: Kirstenbosch Gardens & Blockhouse Kitchen Constantia


Kirstenbosch Gardens

On the 8th of November we went to Kirstenbosch Gardens for team building. When we got there, we did our check-in, we all had to introduce ourselves. This was vital as we had the new members, who had just joined us and it was very much essential for them to get a grip of what Thatha Ithuba is and who is the person behind it, and also to get to know the old members.


Gender based violence in Imizamo Yethu

"In an attempt to ensure that our girls are atleast "safe" when walking in the streets, TI has again extended their helping hand and donated over 30 pepper sprays.


Ignite your employability workshop

On the 7th and 8th of October 2020 we had Ignite your employability workshop with Tyrol. The aim of the workshop was to educate mentors and provide them with adequate skills to facilitate the books (that were based on how to choose a career, the essential skills that are necessary to get a job), with their mentees, by preparing them well for the future and making sure that they choose the correct career path that resonates well with them.


Update - Covid 19

1. August 2020 - Immernoch steigen die Covid-19 Zahlen in Südafrika. Und immernoch sind es viele Menschen, vor allem Mütter, die nicht zurück zur Arbeit können, Momentan gilt Level 3. Viele der Betroffenen sind "Domestic Workers" und haben seit Monaten kein Einkommen. Viele Südafrikaner kriegen mittlerweilen Unterstützung vom Governement. Ein kleiner Trost, da in den Townships viele andere Menschen aus anderen Kulturen wohnen, aus Simbabwe, Kongo, Malawi... Sie erhalten alle keine Unterstützung.



Report by Tariro Namawa

The first week I started school was a bit hectic for me. I was really anxious and wasn’t sure how I was going to tackle my assignments. The most terrifying thing was using zoom, at first I found it challenging, just the thought of being nervous made things worse but after my first lesson. I had to play around with it and now I am a pro...


Covid 19

Das Covid 19 hat auch bei unseren Studenten im Township kein Stop gemacht... Vor Ort ist aber nicht das Virus das Problem, sondern der Hunger der es mit sich bringt. Inzwischen ist klar, dass der Hunger während der Lockdown die grösste Bedrohung für das Wohlergehen und die Sicherheit der Menschen in den Townships darstellt und somit die Schwierigkeiten, Millionen von bedürftigen Südafrikanern mit Nahrungsmitteln zu versorgen, sind gewaltig.


TIC 20 & DYC Workshop 2020

Aufgrund des Covid-19 mussten wir unser Camp sowie den Discover Your Career Workshop von Ende April verschieben. Wir hoffen, diese beiden Aktionen im Herbst 2020 durchführen zu können.

Stay strong - stay home - take care!


Career Expo 2020

The Career Expo is an event that gives students and working professionals a chance to meet one another, discuss possible career options and hopefully network and establish helpful relationships. This year’s event was a huge success. We witnessed an increase in overall attendance and an increasing amount of positive feedback from attendees and speakers.


Mentee's Day Part I

Zum Start ins neue Jahr organisierten wir für die Mentoren und Mentees ein spezielles Erlebnis: Ein Nachmittag auf der Farm von Glodin mit Pferden, Pfeilbogen schiesses und einfach ganz viel Fun!


Graduation: Melikhaya

Melikhaya Mdubeki, graduated from CPUT with a qualification in Business and Management Sciences!

"Dear Melikhaya

What a day. After such a painfull month and a hard year you reached for the star and you got it. Well done. You can be so proud. We are proud! Good to have you in our team.

Stay strong, keep on walking and rock it!"



Leadership Workshop

Die Crew hat sich selber zum Ziel gesetzt noch dieses Jahr ein Leadership Workshop zu organisieren. Der Workshop fand über drei Samstage statt und war ein voller Erfolg. Danke Ben für dein Engagement

Go Guys: Let's lead not follow!



TIC.19 / Camp April 2019

Datum 24. – 26. April 2019

Anzahl Mentoren: 17

Anzahl Mentees: 23

Thema: Gesundheit, Trauma, Self Care, Weiterentwicklung (Time Management), Planung

Facilitator: Candice Winterboer, Live Coach



Heute hatten die Studenten die Möglichkeit, an einem Selbstverteidigungsworkshop teilzunehmen, der darauf abzielt, Frauen zu stärken und praktische Übungen darüber anbietet, wie sie sich davor schützen können, vergewaltigt und angegriffen zu werden.


Graduation & Abschlussprüfungen

Im Vergleich zum 2017 war das 2018 für die Studenten eher ein ruhiges Jahr an den Universitäten. Keine grossen Störungen wie Aufstände oder Demos. Obwohl immer wieder Kurse abgesagt wurden und die Dozenten abwesend waren ...

Wir sind unglaublich stolz auf die Graduierten und die welche dieses Jahr mit viel Fleiss und bravour gemeistert haben. Der Augenblick von Yamkela's und Siphe's Graduation werde ich nie vergessen. Danke für die wunderschöne Möglichkeit dabei zu sein.


One Week Thatha Ithuba in December

Eine Woche Kapstadt. Eine Woche Thatha Ithuba. Eine Woche Zeit für die Studenten.


Fellowship Event

The purpose of this event was achieved, the members seemed to have enjoyed it. The members were taken out of their comfort zone by ensuring that every member participated in the playing of games. This was the first Fellowship we have ever had and it went accordingly.


TIC18.2 - July 2018

Der lang erwartete 13. Juli war endlich da und wir waren bereit zu arbeiten. Im Gegensatz zu den früheren Camps, fand dieses nur über zwei Tage statt. 6th Spin Street, Cape Town CBD war unser Workshop-Ort, wo uns die Crew von Thatha Ithuba in Empfang nahm. Damit wir genügend Energie für den Start hatten, gab es zuerst Frühstück.

Text von Naydia Booi


The Career Expo 2018

The speakers for 2018 came from various backgrounds, but they all had a common goal - which was to change the life of a child in Imizamo Yethu. The purpose of these Career Expos is to inspire the pupils to dream bigger, to encourage hard work and to transform their lives, in spite of their challenges.


UCT open day

Saturday, 12th April 2018 - What an amazing experience for our mentees: UCT open days organized through their mentors - yeahhh.


Career Workshop / Match Mentees

Samstag, 3. Februar 2018 - Knapp eine Woche nach dem TIC18 findet der zweite Develop your Career Workshop statt mit den auserlesenen Schülern der Grade 11 der Silikamva High School. Sowie das Matching der neuen, ausgelesenen Mentees mit deren Mentoren, unseren Studenten.


Imizamo Yethu Tour 2018

Mittwoch, 31. Januar - 11 Uhr.

Wir treffen uns bei der Police Station zur Tour durch Imizamo Yethu. Unsere Gäste: Paola, Adi und Maxime Fischer, Walter und Lisbeth sowie Christoph und Silvia begleiten uns auf der Tour. Auch Fazeelah ist dabei. Für sie alle ist es das erste Mal in einem Township.


TIC18 - Let's lead not follow!

Bereits ist es wieder der letzte Tag im Camp. Wauu, was für eine tolle Geschichte konnten wir die letzten Tage gemeinsam schreiben...

Wir sagen DANKE


TIC18 - Day 4

Es ist bereits Samstag. Unglaublich wie die Zeit vergeht. Nach einem kurzen Check-in, sprechen wir das Game "Crossing Lines" nochmals an. Rafiek versucht nochmals aufzuzeigen, wie wichtig es ist generell zu verstehen, wie es dem anderen geht und danach mit viel Gefühl in die Tiefe zu gehen.


Last Night - TIC18

A night to remember ... Eat, Drink and have fun :-)


TIC18 - Day 3

Heute geht es darum, die eigene Komfortzone zu verlassen und um das Thema Team Building. Zudem begrüssen wir unsere drei Gastreferenten: African Melane, Thoko Ntsinga und Crystal Davids


TIC18 - Day 3

African Sprit

Guest Speaker: Africa Melane, Mama Thoko Ntshinga, Chrystal Davids


TIC18 - Day 2

Donnerstag - der Tag startet um 8 Uhr mit Frühstück im Main Building. Die Studenten kommen etwas zerzaust zum Frühstück. Die Nacht war nicht ganz so erholsam, aber anscheinend auch nicht so schlimm wie befürchtet.


TIC18 - Day 1

Mittwoch, 24. Januar 2018 - Endlich geht es los. Wir starten das dritte Camp. Der Ort ist sehr speziell. !Khwa ttu, ein Zenter über die Kultur der San. Die Studenten schlafen in Zelten - das erste Mal in ihrem Leben. Und sie werden neben viel Leadership, Team Building, Mentorship, In- und Outdoor Aktivitäten einiges über die ersten Menschen, die San erfahren.


Ladies Night

Am 22. Januar 2018 fand im kleinen Kreis die erste Thatha Ithuba Ladies Night statt.

  • Das Thema: Frauen und ihr Körper
  • Die Referentin: Paola Fischer, Gynäkologin und Freundin

Paola und ihre Familie besuchen uns gerade in Kapstadt und als ich sie fragte ob sie an einer Ladies Night mit unseren Studenten interessiert wäre, war sie Feuer und Flamme. So wurde aus einer Idee, die erste Thatha Ithuba Ladies Night.



Vom 24. - 28. Januar 2018 findet bereits das dritte Camp statt. Dank Hansheiri Kuhn können wir das Camp in !khwa ttu durchführen, einem Ort wo die San Kultur gelebt wird. Das gibt uns die Möglichkeit, neben den Themen Leadership, Mentorship und Teambuilding auch etwas über San-Kultur zu erfahren. Die San existieren in Afrika schon seit 44'000 Jahren - und sind damit die erste moderne Gesellschaft überhaupt. Auch solche Themen sind für die Studenten wichtig, da sie ihnen den Horizont zu Geschichte und Kultur öffnen.


Mentoring Program

Ein Fazit nach dem ersten Jahr des Mentoring Programms ist, dass man jüngere Schüler als Mentees selektionieren muss. Anstelle von Grade 9 und 11 wurde entschieden Grade 8 respektive 10 Schüler von Hout Bay und der Silikamva High School zu selektionieren.


Valedictory Ceremony

On the 16th of October, Silikamva High School held its second valedictory ceremony in the six years of its establishment. The spacious Kronendal Primary School hall was the venue of choice. The great achievements of the previous year’s students set the bar high, the current matriculants had big shoes to fill. The room buzzed with excitement; from students who had worked hard all year long, proud teachers, as well as parents who had witnessed their children give it their all.


Thatha Ithuba Mentorship Camp 2017

On Wednesday 05 July 2017 the second Thatha Ithuba Camp took the Hout Bay Rotaractors, and their mentees, on a retreat-like camp at the beautiful Bhodi Ikhaya Retreat near Stanford. We settled in comfortably into the homely accommodation, heaters and warm blankets to combat the winter chill. For a second there, we thought we were on a getaway.


Camp 2.0: Verbindlichkeit, Vertrauen, Ehrlichkeit

26. Juni 2017 - In knapp einer Woche starten wir zum nächsten Camp. Vom 5. - 9. Juli 2017 treffen wir die Studenten im Bodhi Khaya Retreat. Die Keywords fürs Camp 2.0: Verbindlichkeit, Vertrauen, Ehrlichkeit.


Mentors meets Mentees

Es ist passiert, die "Alten" schauen den "Jungen". Am 22. April fand das Treffen der Mentoren mit den Mentees statt. Und es war, wie immer, sehr gut und sehr emotional.


The Black T-shirt Team

Naydia ist Teil des Black T-Shirt Teams. Eine Gruppe von jungen Leuten, die versucht ihren Freunden und Nachbarn in Imizamo Yethu nach dem Feuer so gut wie möglich zu helfen. Sie verteilen pro Tag 1'000 Malzeiten. Sie helfen wo sie können, doch langsam schwinden auch bei ihnen die Kräfte. Es wird Winter und somit kälter in IY und noch immer sind die Menschen ohne Zuhause.

Hier ein paar Zeilen von Naydia:


Kleine Lichtblicke

Das Feuer vom 11. März hat vielen Menschen in Imizamo Yethu alles genommen. Unter den Betroffenen sind auch einige von unseren Studenten und Newcomers. Grund genug den jungen Menschen und ihren Familien zu helfen.


The Fire

Der 11. März 2017 begann mit einer fürchterlichen Message. In Imizamo Yethu brennt es, es stehen mehrere hundert Häuser in Flammen und das Feuer scheint sich weiter auszubreiten.


Mentoring Workshop

4. März 2017 fand der erste Mentoring Workshop statt. Ziel war es den Studenten den Einblick in die Welt des Mentorings zu geben, was es beduetet ein Mentor zu sein, was sind Pflichten die man erfüllen muss, was macht ein guter Mentor aus und was kann ich meinem Mentee alles vermittelen.


Phumela's Exchange Report

Phumelela hatte die Möglichkeit letzten September bis Dezember 2016 in Ravensburg ein Austausch-Semester zu absolvieren. Er hat für Thatha Ithuba einen Bericht geschrieben:

NB: neben der big City Zürich hat er auch uns in Chur besucht :-)


Camp 1.0 - Abschlussgedanken

Den Gedanken ein Camp für die Studenten zu organisieren hatten wir im März 2016. Die zeitnahe Umsetzung ist uns nur dank der Unterstützung von Hansheiri und Christina Kuhn gelungen. Sie sind unser verlängerter Arm in Südafrika und tragen die gleiche Vision wie wir: die Studenten auf ihrem Weg zu fördern und zu fordern.


Camp: Tag 5 - Resume der Studenten

Die Feedbacks der Studenten zum Camp waren durchwegs positiv. Sie haben es extrem geschätzt, fünf Tage aus dem Township rauszukommen. Die Probleme zu Hause zu lassen und sich um sich und ihre eignen Zukunft zu kümmern.


Camp: Tag 4 - Selbst- und Fremdbild

Am Mittwoch ging es um verschiedene Themen: Selbst- und Fremdbild erkennen, Feedback geben und annehmen und darum offen zu kommunizieren und Wissen weiterzugeben.


Camp: Tag 3 - Leadership Day

Der Dienstag stand ganz unter dem Motto Leadership. Dafür konnten wir Hilton Mentor als Gastreferen gewinnen. Sein besonderer Skill: alle möglichen Prinzipien und Modelle von Leadership kennen und verstehen.


Camp: Tag 3 - Guided Bush Walk

Ein für alle sehr anstrengender Tag, Unglaublich viel Theorie und viele Inputs von Hilton. Und zuletzt, war da noch die persönliche Geschichte von Hilton: Vom Township Studenten zum erfolgreichen Coach. Hilton hat zum ersten Mal überhaupt über seinen schwierigen Weg gesprochen, was er erlebt hat, welche Hürden er nehmen musste, wen er alles überzeugen musste, dass der Weg der richtige ist.


Camp: Tag 2 - Action Plan für Newcomers

Die Erwartungen an das Camp und vor allem an sich selber waren eindeutig. Die Studenten wollen ihr Wissen und Können an die Jungen in IY weitergeben. Zu beginn war noch unklar, welche Altersstufe man befähigen will. Da man grundsätzlich im frühen Kindesalter anfangen müsste. Es war schnell klar, dass dies unseren Studenten unmöglich ist. Deshalb haben sie sich entschieden die Schüler aus dem InterAct Programm anzusprechen und diese zu stärken.


Camp: Tag 2 - Letter from the Future

Täglich kommen die Studenten neben viel Studium in Genuss einer Aktivität, welche durch die Guides vom De Hoop umgesetzt werden. Am Montagmorgen ist um 7 Uhr Abfahrt an die Beach. Der Marine Walk wurde durch einen qualifizierten Guide geführt und die Studenten bekamen so einen tollen Einblick in Bereiche der Meeresbiologie.


Camp: Tag 1

12 Studenten sind es, die sich vom 11.  – 15. Dezember 2016 zum ersten Thatha Ithuba Camp im De Hoop Natrure Reserve in Südafrika treffen. Die Idee ist, die jungen Studenten während den fünf Tagen ins Thema Leadership einzuführen sowie ihnen die Möglichkeit geben, sich als Team stark zu machen.


Fundraising Event

Ein definiertes Ziel aus dem Januar Camp TIC18 war es, dass der Club eigenständig Fundraising betreibt. Diesbezüglich gab es im März 2018 einen Workshop mit Gillian. Der Club hat dann entschieden, einen Fundraising Event durchzuführen und dazu verschiedene Personen eingeladen.